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7 Day Vegan Challenge Anyone? + Chicken of the Woods Mushroom

So this is random BUT, I’m thinking about doing a 7 day Vegan challenge. Hear me out! With being stuck at home and not wanting to workout at the gym with a mask on, I’ve had to find other ways to keep my weight down and diet is a big part. Aside from wanting to keep my weight down, my skin has no shame in giving me a big “F you” whenever it wants, and rumor has it being vegan not only clears up your skin, plus it also helps with allergies and asthma.

The main thing that’s stopped me over the years from going Vegan is not having meat or seafood. To me, if I grew up Vegan it’s something I wouldn’t miss and I would care about meat substitutes because I wouldn’t know what I’m missing. However, that’s not the case! Not only do I love meat (well not red meat) but I also LOVE seafood.

Green food does the body good

With that being said, this week my plan is to research different foods that can be substituted for meat without making my stomach hurt. I say without making my stomach hurt because once I grabbed Vegan steak from Whole Foods, and let's just say I had one meal with it and tossed out the rest. Nevertheless, I’ve found different mushrooms that are apparently the perfect replacement for chicken, steak, and lobster. See what they are below:

Chicken of the Wood

Lobster Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom

Down to go Vegan for 7 days? Shoot me a DM on IG or Twitter @besagordon !

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