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Netflix Now Offering FREE Movie and TV Show Originals

Now you KNOW 2020 is off when Netflix starts offering free shows and movies. Apparently, you can now watch certain Netflix Original movies and TV shows for free without even creating a Netflix account. But there is one catch, it has to be by a computer or Android device: 

You can watch select Netflix Original movies and TV episodes online for free, and without creating a Netflix account, by using a computer or Android device (iOS browsers are not supported).

Visit to get a peek at the type of entertainment you can expect from us by watching the first episode of some of our most popular shows. - [source]

Check out what you can see for free below: 

Bird Box

When They See Us

Grace and Frankie


Grace and Frankie

Love As Blind

Murder Mystery 

Our Planet

Stranger Things

Boss Baby Back In Business 

The Two People

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