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Governor Inslee Announces 4 Phases To Reopen Washington State

So this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Governor Inslee finally gave us a diagram of what his phases are for Washington state to reopen. Phase 1 starts tomorrow (05/05/2020.) I am actually excited that I’ll be able to do curbside retail pick up. However, I’m pretty sure the lines are going to be super long so I’ll probably just stick to ordering things online. Anywhoots, check out the diagram below!


Before reopening Washington and modifying physical distancing measures, COVID-19 disease burden must be low and decreasing as measured by:

• Number and trend of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Washington State

• Modeling data, including Institute for Disease Modeling on Puget Sound area rates of COVID-19 spread,

University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation modeling, and Youyang Gu modeling • Mobility trends in Washington State, including WSDOT traffic data and Google Mobility Data


Phase I of reopening Washington begins on May 5, 2020. When COVID-19 disease burden is low and decreasing and the four above capabilities are met, the Governor will issue an order for the state to move into future phases. The state will stay in every phase for a minimum of three weeks. During that time, the Department of Health and the Governor will re-evaluate the above indicators and determine if the state should remain in the current phase, advance to the next phase or return to the previous phase. No phase will last less than three weeks before moving to the next phase, in order to allow one complete disease incubation period plus an additional week to compile complete data and confirm trends.

The following table shows the phased approach for reopening businesses and resuming activities not authorized under Proclamation 20-25. This phased approach may be adjusted as the pandemic evolves. The industries listed are not an exclusive or exhaustive list of industries. Businesses listed in each phase of the plan will have industry-specific guidance and safety criteria developed to ensure workplace safety and public health are maintained. Those business activities are not authorized to open until the industry-specific guidance and safety criteria are issued.

A number of different factors were considered when deciding which activities could be resumed and which businesses could be reopened in various phases. These factors included:

Risk of disease spread during the individual or business activity

Number of people who could potentially be infected during the individual or business activity

Economic benefits to opening the business

Individual benefits to opening the business

Additional plans for a phased approach to restarting health care and educational activities are under development.

Families are adjusting to a new way of life, and we understand the impacts this is having on them. The connection between education, childcare, youth sports, summer programs and extracurricular activities is critical and must be viewed from a holistic lens to ensure equity and high quality of life. As we prepare for what the reopening of school looks like, we will be working closely with the Department of Health, Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction, Department of Children, Youth and Families, and parents to release plans in the future.

While childcare is currently an essential business activity and a key component to the reopening plan, we know there is more to do. The state will continue efforts to ensure adequate access and affordability for families. Source:

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