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Wednesday Vibes With BESA: Cardi B - PRESS (Music Video)

Your faves…. COULD NEVA! (well.. maybe Beyonce 😛)

Let me tell you something, this song right here…. THIS SONG RIGHT HERE (Katt Williams voice) was the soundtrack to my current vibe as of lately, BUT THIS VIDEO.. hunnies, this is what I call the visual of my vibe.

I should call this, Life Vibes with Besa, but I’ll stick to the theme!

Check out Cardi B’s music video for PRESS aka Wednesday Vibes With Besa 👑

This video is a reminder to simply go harder 🤷🏾‍♀️ Cardi has come a long way from Bodak Yellow, and even that video was a vibe of it’s own.

Being someone that’s followed Cardi B on IG since 2015, I’m happy to say I’ve organically watched her grow into the iconic woman she is today. Say what you want, sis is epic, anthemic, and will never fold to please the masses. AND THAT, I will respect FOREVA.

What did you think of Cardi B’s new video for PRESS? Send me your thoughts on IG @Naybesa

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