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Back2BESA EP 23 - RANT: Tinder Date From Hell

For the record, women should be able to pay their own bills, buys their own meals etc HOWEVER ☝🏾 if you’re trying to date me, don’t be shocked when you don’t get any just because you took me out to eat. I don’t care if we get a room, I’m not obligated to have sex with you PERIOD ‼️⁣

Ladies it’s 2019! Stop handing free pu**y to men that don’t know you long enough to respect you, let alone deserve to be inside you. ⁣

Sex creates emotional ties and transfers energy. I talk about this and much more including my weight loss and social media disrespect. ⁣

Get the scoop on why this dude was really mad, and how we met on ep 23 of @back2besapodcastlisten via link in bio or #iheartradioand #applepodcasts

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