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#NipseyHussle's Official DJ DJ V.I.P. Sits Down With Besa & Casey Carter

Following the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle, KUBE 93.3’s Besa and Miss Casey Carter sat down with Nipsey Hussle’s official DJ, DJ V.I.P. for a intimate talk about his time working with Nipsey.

When I found out Nipsey Hussle’s official DJ, DJ V.I.P. would be in town I frankly felt a typical Back 2 BESA podcast interview wouldn’t be enough. At least for me it wouldn’t have been! With that being said, I’ve always wanted to do a live podcast style interview and thanks to Taj King ENT I finally was able to make that happen in a VERY big way.

Thank you Miss Casey Carter for co-hosting with me and all my anxieties lol

Thank you DJ V.I.P. for sitting down with us!

Thank you to everyone the showed up to watch the interview!

And shoutout to Clutch for letting us have the event there!

Enjoy the interview. And I hope you learn something new about Nipsey Hussle during this sit down.


Guest: @Djvip510

Host: @Naybesa

Co-Host: @Misscaseycarter

Sponsor: @Tjyloent

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