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Back2BESA Ep14: #BlackPeople Don't Do Therapist W/ Ashley McGirt

We’ve all heard it before. No matter what the need, #BlackPeople won’t see #Therapist to help sort out their #mentalissues because we’ve been taught that Therapy is for “crazy” people. Which is frankly a crazy way of thinking if you ask me ☝🏾

In this weeks episode I’m joined by The Millennial Therapist @therapywithash🙌 where we breakdown thinking patterns and the generational + emotional blocks we have today, that date all the way back to slavery.

Personally, I had a therapist in Middle School, High School and even a year ago when I literally had a mental breakdown which took me until recent to fully recover from. And to be frank? I still have some unaddressed trauma from that 🤷🏾‍♀️

Anywhoots, this week we are going deep into a conversation that most Black families run from. If you have a loved one that needs to seek a therapist, be sure to share the link in bio with anyone that needs it ‼️

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