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TACOMA: Gifted Gab Hosts Writing Workshop For Tacoma Youth With Fab 5

Things like this melt my little heart.

Seattle’s Gifted Gab is doing more than just Tweeting about giving back; she’s putting in the footwork.

Fab 5 hosted Gabrielle Kadushin, known as hip-hop artist Gifted Gab, at a workshop speaking to young artists about what she learned.

Fab 5, on Tacoma's Hilltop, is a special place known for giving youth access to a space where they can express themselves.

Kadushin grew up in Seattle's Central District but currently lives in Los Angeles.

“It’s always nice to come back home and reconnect especially with Seattle being such a changing city. It’s always nice to be able to have something to count on to still be there,” she said.

Tuesday night, Gifted Gab, spoke about her creative process.

“I’m like the person that if I say I’m going to sit down and write I’m probably not because you can’t really plan that. I’m like the person to be on the freeway and something will click and then I have to get off the freeway because I have to write this down. I need a new phone now because I don’t have enough storage,” she said.

Gifted Gab is known for being one of the best lyricists and said her love for words started at a young age

“Because I was always into writing I always wanted to know the lyrics of songs. I remember when [Eminem's] 8 Mile came out. I printed the lyrics to the freestyle battle at the end just so that I could go to school. I wanted to be ahead of the game and go back to school and be like yeah I see it and I know all that words. I always wanted to know deeper than the beat sounds,” she said.

It’s that kind of dedication to the craft that motivates those who came to hear her speak

“It’s really inspirational when you can see someone from your area doing it. It’s inspiring it’s like it’s possible,” said David Lee Young Dunston

“Writing has always been therapy for me,” said Kadushin, “Find a spark. It takes something for you to want to write. Whether it be pain or happiness It comes from some emotion. Taping in to figure out what some emotion is.” – Via King 5

In other Gifted Gab news, her Cause And Effect Album Release Party is this Sunday at The Crocodile! Grab your tickets here!

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Gifted Gab - Cause And Effect Album Release Party Seattle

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