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#LHHATL Tommie Denied Enrollment Into Court's Mental Health Program

Wow… Just wow….

According to TMZ, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee was recently denied the ability to enter a mental health program, which would have saved her from jail time due to her criminal past.

Tommie Lee's past is coming back to bite her ... because prosecutors say her lengthy rap sheet means she's ineligible to enter a mental health program -- which would have spared from time behind bars.

We broke the story ... the 'Love & Hip Hop' star submitted a petition in her child abuse case to allow her to get treatment for a serious mental illness, which she claimed she was diagnosed with around the same time she was charged with child abuse in Georgia.

Tommie got her answer -- no can do.

According to a new legal doc obtained by TMZ ... the Assistant District Attorney determined Lee's criminal history and background -- along with other evidence, facts and allegations -- "make her an inappropriate candidate for an accountability court."

Tommie was indicted in January on multiple child abuse charges for allegedly assaulting her middle school-aged daughter. She's facing 7 charges, and since she's been shut down for the mental health program -- she could get up to 54 years in prison, if convicted.

Lee was arrested twice before in connection to this case -- once for the alleged assault in October, and again less than 24 hours later for violating a court order to stay away from her kid.

She was also tossed back in jail in March for showing up drunk for a hearing in the case. - TMZ

Here’s my thing, if she clearly has a drinking problem to the point that she’s going to court drunk why not get her some REAL help? If Tommie Lee really needs help kicking her drinking (which is why typically causes her issues) what is jail REALLY going to do for her? Once she gets out, what will stop her from drinking again if the issue was never addressed?

I understand the things she allegedly did her to daughter was out of line, however if she was drunk when she did it, why not send her to rehab for real help? I’ve never understood the point of jail when it comes to addicts rather than putting them in rehab and getting them a therapist.

But what do I know? I just a radio host.

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