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B2B: #NipseyHussle The Marathon Continues ft Casey Carter, Straw & RocRyte

It’s close to 48hrs past the senseless murdering of Nipsey Hussle, it still doesn’t feel real. Nip wasn’t just a rapper, or even a street dude. He was someone that did more than complain about the issues in his community, he actually elevated himself, so he could do the same for his “people.”

I wanted this episode to simply represent a man that spoke wealth, and prosperity to people of color. A man that once may have done wrong but showed us even with a checkered past you can make a difference in the lives of people you’ve never even met. A man that some are saying put his life on the line to teach us “the game.”

I truly think this is how people felt when 2pac and Biggie died, because in all honestly, I never thought someone I never met dying could affect me in this way.

Because of that, I don’t want to be one of those people running around saying the streets killed him or even that it’s a conspiracy. I truly want to help others remember him for the things he taught us. That way, rather than complaining about things in our community, we can actually do something about it too. I mean, that’s what he taught right? Wealth, investing, knowledge, and health….

Now, I do suggest looking up Dr. Sebi if you haven’t, however you can do that next week!

While recording Back 2 Besa this week Miss Casey Carter popped in, DJ RocRyte popped in and so did Strawberry from the KUBE 93.3 Wake Up Show. And we I say popped in, LOL I mean that. These were not planned appearances, but everyone came in at the perfect time!

At the end of the episode (around the 18 min mark) I pop in some interview clips of Nipsey Hussle spitting that game like he usually would. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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