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New Video: Parisalexa "Water Me"

It’s always interesting to me when people ask if Seattle has talent, like doesn’t every city have talent? Anywhoots! During my interview with Lily Million (you can check it out here) she mentioned Parisalexa. Being that I’ve heard her names a few times over the past two months I figured I should check her out. AND BOY am I glad I did.

On International Women’s Day Parisalexa dropped a visual to her song “Water Me.” The song is AMAZING, and her voice gives me the soul that sometimes is missing from Ariana Grande’s voice.Yeah I said it!

Anywhoots, get lost in Parisalexa’s silky vocals below:

Parisalexa on the song:

"Water Me" is available everywhere today! Listen to the song on @Spotify, @applemusic, Amazon Music and more!

‘Water Me’ is about learning to love yourself and pick yourself up when you’re down. So often we rely on others for validation. We tell ourselves that if we find the right partner, get the right job, make the right amount of money, look a certain way, that everything will be ok.

But it’s like my mom always says, “you have to bloom where you’re planted.”

On International Women’s Day, I want to dedicate this song to the women in my life who remind me time and time again that I’m strong and beautiful and enough on my own. I encourage you to send this song to the women (or people) in your life who water you right where you’re planted. These are just a few of the women I love who have, and continue to, Water Me

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