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Man is Suing Burger King For Backing Out Of Their 'Meals For Life' Deal

Wow, just wow!

In Wood Village, Ore a man by the name of Curtis Brooner is suing Burger King after being offered free meals for a rest of his life as compensation for being locked in their bathroom for over an hour.

According to reports, Curtis (who is unnamed,) stopped by the Wood Village Burger King to grab lunch and went to the bathroom once he was done eating:

“He went to the restroom washed his hands and when he went to pull the door it wouldn’t open. They gave him a fly swatter to 'jimmy' the door open, which actually cut his hand." Attorney Michael Fuller went on to say “To make things right, the Burger King manager offered him free food for the rest of his life should he come into the restaurant,” Fuller said.

Apparently everything was all good until a regional manager stepped in and took back the offer.  

“It’s the principle, the jury is going to enjoy it. There are funny elements of the case, but there is nothing funny about being locked in a dank bathroom for an hour. We determined his life would last 72 years which is about 5 years less than average based on his frequent consumption of cheese burgers. I think we will reach a fair settlement. My client was presented with an offer, he accepted it and a deal was a deal,” Fuller said.

They’re suing for $9,026.16 which is their estimated cost for a lifetime of Burger King meals.

 You guys think Curtis Brooner is going to win?

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