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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: S5, Ep. 14 Review

Oh T.T.   

So last night Love & Hip Hop Hollywood aired Season 5 episode 14, and the drama was so good I’m still re-watching some of the clips.But all jokes aside, what's going on with our girl Teairra Mari! I know when she was younger she dropped that song “No Daddy,” but GOODNESS. Where is her family at for her to still be on TV looking this crazy. Let’s get into her most epic moments of the episode.

First, we see a mash up of Instagram Lives where Akbar is not only showing the world that Teairra Mari is still around him, but he’s showing videos of her when she looks like someone’s Aunty that had to take off work to pick up their nephew.

THEN, Akbar’s “wife” pops up on Teairra during RoccStar’s party because apparently Teairra was blowing up her phone. And may I point out that Teairra didn’t deny it. Akbar’s “wife” Sade then proceeds to say “You’re not my type I would have never picked you,” and blasted TT about still having sex with Akbar. Can someone please explain to me why she’s not only allowing for this to happen, but for it to be shown on TV knowing that she’s currently suing this man.   

The best part of the episode is when she goes to see her lawyer Walter. That man read Teairra for her life in less than five minutes. He said “the man put your vagina all over the internet. Short of killing you, I’m not sure what else he could do to ruin you. ” then basically told her you’re messing up your own case doing idiotic things. She needs him as a best friend because BAE BAE he held nothing back.

I understand that love makes you blind, but this is more than love, and I’m frankly worried about Teairra at this point. She keeps asking if people have her back but your friends can’t support you if you can’t support yourself.

At the end of the day these reality shows are for entertainment. But sometimes you have to look a little deeper and take notes on what NOT to do. If you what to be in a poly fly situation, do you BOO, but don’t be out in these streets looking crazy and like you’re on more than tequila. Teairra is amazing in the studio, so I hope she watches this season and takes sometime to get herself together. Because at this point reality tv is not good for her image. Unless the plan was to look crazy 

Did you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last night?

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