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The Best of The Jubal Show in 2022!

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It's almost time to celebrate the New Year but before we move forward lets take a look back at all of your favorite The Jubal Show podcasts and see what this year's favorites were!

Dirty Little Secret 

Dirty Little Secret is when someone calls The Jubal Show with one of their top secrets. No matter how big or dirty the secret is, Jubal Fresh, Christian Gray Snow, Bennett and Vitoria give the caller an anonymous nickname so no one knows who they are.

This year’s Dirty Little Secrets were dirtier than ever! If you want a way to get a promotion or a raise, this year’s top Dirty Little Secret may be for you! You may just have to put in a little bit of work! Check out the top 5 Dirty Little Secrets of 2022 below! 

What crime was just committed before this phone call?

He found his girlfriend on what website?

What can you learn from your kids' school project?

She did what to a bunny?

She was sleeping with who at work?

First Date Follow Up

First Date Follow Up is when we get an email from someone who went on a date and the other person isn't calling back. We get that other person on the phone to see why they're "ghosting".

This year The Jubal Show caught too many ghosts! In the top First Date Follow Up of 2022 Janessa went on a date with Jimmy! She really, really liked him and they talked for a while before going on this date, but now she is not getting a call back! What happened!? Find out by listening below! 

Did she try to drag race him after their date?

Was it because her hair was in a bun or the fact that she just had a kid?

Is it a red flag if you lie on a first date? 

First Date Follow-up, Following up with Chris and Shadia - Are they together?

Why couldn't Jimmy hit the home run in this First Date Follow Up?

War of the Roses: To Catch A Cheater 

War of the Roses is when someone calls The Jubal Show because they think that their partner is cheating so we call them offering services in order to catch them cheating.

In the top War of the Roses of 2022, one of our listeners has been dating a guy for 2 years, but now he didn’t want her to come home for the holidays! Is he cheating!? Find out and listen to the top War of the Roses below! 

Are they still together in this War of the Roses?

Who’s handprint was on the mirror?

She was a cozy camper!

Lana thinks her boyfriend's cheating because he doesn't want to be seen naked in War of the Roses!

Where is this cheater going for the holidays?

Phone Pranks

A Jubal Phone Prank is when our listeners set-up a friend or family member to wake up with The Jubal Show, phone prank style.

In the top Phone prank of 2022, Dwight pranks his wife Ariana. Ariana has been on Dwight's case recently about leaving the toilet seat up and dripping a little, therefore Dwight plans to use this to his advantage for a prank! Check out the top Jubal Phone Pranks below! 

Did you bring weed cookies to the potluck?

We have been taking produce from your community garden!

You did what at my doggy daycare?

What happens when there's a tooting fee in cycling class?

I slipped on your urine!

Jubal News Network 

Everyday The Jubal Show presents The Jubal Show Network! The top story of 2022 was good news for some, bad for others: Jubal Fresh IS NOT dead! Jubal Fresh updates you on how he got COVID, why he took an ambulance to the hospital and who were the hot EMTS that nursed him back to life!? 

Breaking: If you're looking for revenge on your ex, this is the story for you!

Just In: Don't jump in the ocean, you may get pregnant!

Just in: If a tree farts and no ones around: does it make a sound? 

Breaking News: Who put a hit out on Leonardo DiCaprio? 

Breaking News: Jubal Fresh is NOT dead!

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