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Beyonce, Kanye West & Outkast Top Rolling Stones' Best Songs Of All Time

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In 2004, The Rolling Stones published a list of the Best Songs of All Time and it was met with favorable reviews and millions and millions of views. That was 17 years ago and so much has changed! In 2004, Megan Thee Stallion was 9, Drake was just starting his career on Degrassi and Lil Nas X was just a thought ... maybe! Aware of the state of music, Rolling Stone wisely decided to reboot the list so it reflected the last two decades more accurately. After surveying 250 musicians, artists, producers, music industry representatives and journalists on their 50 greatest songs, the company rebooted the list with 254 new songs that weren't listed on the first list with more than a third of those songs in the Top 100! Another shift in the list from 17 years ago is the genre of music represented. Whereas back in 2004 the list reflected more early rock and soul, the new list is juiced up with hip-hop, modern country, indie rock, Latin, R&B and reggae influences. I know that's right! While the list is extensive, I took a look at the Top 50 and here's some standouts:

49. Lauryn Hill - “Doo Wop (That Thing)”

46. MIA - “Paper Planes”

45. Kendrick Lamar - “Alright”

44. Michael Jackson - “Billie Jean”

39. Outkast - “B.O.B.”

32. Notorious BIG - “Juicy”

29. Dr. Dre - “Nothin But A G Thang”

25. Kanye West & Pusha T - "Runaway"

18. Prince& The Revolution - “Purple Rain”

16. Beyonce - “Crazy In Love” ft. JAYZ

12. Stevie Wonder - “Superstition”

10. Outkast - “Hey, Ya!”

8. Missy Elliot - “Get Your Freak On”

3. Sam Cooke - “A Change IS Gonna Come”

2. “Fight The Power”

  1. Aretha Franklin - “Respect”

There you have it: some of the Best Songs of All Time, according to Rolling Stones! I love how reflective the list is of the culture, especially hip-hop and black culture because we've inspired creatively for a very long time and it's about time for that type of recognition! What's your list of best songs of all time? Does it match Rolling Stones!? Check out the full list HERE. Hit me up on Instagram @BennettKnows and let me know what you think! I might have to drop a list of my own!

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