Alex Fresh's Daily Vibration - Queen of Swords!

During The Jubal Show's daily vibration, Alex Fresh gives a one-card tarot reading. Tarot is like a horoscope and can be used to give insight and guidance during the day.

Like all of the court cards, the Queen of Pentacles represents a loving, nurturing and wise person, male or female. This person may be someone you know, or maybe you or a role you are currently ready to be in. The Queen of Pentacles is considered the most masculine of the 4 queens yet the most motherly. The perfect yin yang of masculine and feminine and the master of maintaining a clean, inviting, loving home, all while working full time creating financial abundance for herself and her family. This queen has created abundance through daily discipline and a healthy approach to life. where everything is constantly in bloom.

If this doesn’t sound like you or a situation you connect to, you may be financially dependent on someone else, and the Queen of Pentacles invites you to use your gifts and pursue something you love to gain even just a little bit of your financial dependence back. It could also suggest you're not tending to yourself enough. Self-care is extremely important, and IMO needed daily in order to work yourself closer to being like the queen. Be aware not to overcommit in one area, the goal here is to integrate a balanced work/home life and self-care is a good place to start. Take a nice healing bath, cleanser your aura with incense or salo panto, take a few shorts breaks throughout the day to stop and breathe and meditate. 

Affirmation: you can manifest abundance and prosperity through your own thoughts.

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