Alex Fresh's Daily Vibration - Five of Cups!

Five of cups. The Magic Gate deck tarot card

Photo: iStockphoto

During The Jubal Show's daily vibration, Alex Fresh gives a one-card tarot reading. Tarot is like a horoscope and can be used to give insight and guidance during the day.

This is interesting reading because it comes the day after Alex Fresh pulled The Lovers which suggested that an important decision should be made with a current relationship(s). The 5 of cups represents loss, grief, regret, could also indicate forgiveness, moving on and resilience. Whether it be taking it a step further, or a step back, or having to choose between two people, having to make a decision like this can be extremely tough and weigh heavily on someone. 

These feelings can cause feelings of guilt, grief and loneliness and while all that is a normal human feeling, you won’t be able to raise your vibration or be fully grounded if you're holding onto blame or disappointment. Ask yourself, ‘what needs to be released?’ Living your day to day with a positive outlook and mindset is not some cheesy line, it’s actual magic! If you start to have a negative thought to yourself, no matter how hard it may be, cut that thought right in the throat! You know the direction you need to head in and you ARE ready to make that step! Ultimately this is going to be the best way for you to be able to live with a positive mindset.

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