Daily Vibrations with Alex Fresh - Two of Cups

During The Jubal Show's daily vibration, Alex Fresh gives a one-card tarot reading. Tarot is like a horoscope and can be used to give insight and guidance during the day. Listen to the latest episode of Daily Vibration below!

Is today going to be the day that you connect with an old flame or will your house go up into flames? What's your day going to be like and what do you need to pay attention to? Today Alex Fresh pulled the two of cups which represent emotions, intuition, relationships and feelings often within new and old relationships:

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In relationships, this card signifies a deeper commitment in an existing relationship such as an engagement, moving in together, or even getting married. You two have a strong connection where feelings are freely expressed and reciprocated. This also could mean in an established relationship that ongoing stress and strain for leading too-busy lives, if this is the case, keep communicating, there may be a lack of understanding between you both now but with work on both sides, you can rekindle your connection.

If you are in a committed-unhealthy relationship, this message serves as a gentle reminder that it’s time to bring balance into your life. A relationship that is unfulfilling, toxic, or even one sided, needs to be examined and a new course of action be decided upon. It also shows if you’ve had a falling out or difficult time with a friend, old arguments will be resolved and harmony will return. 

So if you’re hearing this today, nurture your relationships and enjoy the love and pleasure they bring. A beautiful, harmonious duo that the 2 of cups presents to us shows that each and every soul deserves harmony and happiness in every vibration of our beings and to share it with other likewise souls. Listen to the latest episode of Daily Vibration below!

Photo by Getty Images

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