Reese's Week Auditioning With Carla Marie and Anthony

What a week! I am so thankful for the opportunity to hang out with Carla Marie, Anthony, and Gordon for 4 straight days. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget!

Unlike some of the other contestants, I do not hold any radio experience. When I entered the studio for the first time, I did not have the slightest clue as to what was going on. Carla Marie was editing audio clips and Anthony and Gordon were discussing the show plan. They greeted me, I sat down, then Anthony said, “mics up” and we were live!

For the first show, Carla Marie and Anthony went easy on me and let me chill to get a feel for co-hosting a show. They introduced me to the listeners and showed me what life was like in the studio and I also to discuss what life like dating a deaf girlfriend on the Last Call Podcast.

Day 2: When day 2 started, I began to feel the side effects of waking up so early! My body was confused but I was so excited to start another day and deliver my 3 Things You Need to Know. Deciding to take some risks, I opened up to Carla Marie and Anthony about my aspirations to be a Christian white rapper in 8th grade and we played a track I made over a decade ago. Check out full-length version of the cringe-worthy song here .

In the evening, I went out to dinner in Kirkland with Carla Marie and Anthony. They provided me with amazing tips and told me how they hope to grow the morning show on 106.1. Our conversation made me so excited about this opportunity!

Day 3: My third day in the studio was jam-packed with activities. I participated in a Dirty Little Secret segment that blew up our text message feed! If you want to experience a drastic mood swing, I definitely recommend this episode on demand.

After the show Gordon, aka. Rev. G, and I recorded new rap song that covered the themes and topics I discussed on the Carla Marie and Anthony Show. We also created a music video! After finalizing those projects, I recorded a 106.1 takeover for Thursday’s 5 a.m.- 6 a.m. hour! At first, I felt like a grandma learning new technology but thanks to the helping and pestering from Gordon and Zann, I pulled it off!

Day 4: Day 4 was bittersweet. I was proud of myself for powering through the audition, but I also did not want to get off the air! For my last show, we aired the epic track called Stanky Marie. It was a hit! I then reviewed my “competition” (yes, I used quotes because I’m petty) and we tackled the Shallow Bowl of Deep Questions and I cried like a baby. We also called my boss for an on-air job reference! It went pretty well I must say.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity iHeartRadio, provided me with this week. Thank you, Carla Marie, Anthony, and Gordon for showing me your world!

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