All the New Food at CenturyLink this Seahawks Season

When SafeCo changed up their food game things got serious, look how good the Mariners are doing now! While CenturyLink won't have fried crickets, it's got some AWESOME new grub! Here's what you'll be able to find and where!

Kimchi Dog: cilantro, mirin lime aioli, Seattle Dogs stands found at sections 109, 124, 135, 149, 313, 324, 331

Pho: with braised beef brisket, rice noodles, Thai basil, bean sprouts, Fresno chillies, and beef broth. From Pho Cyclo! Found at Pacific Bistro stand in section 208.

Cheesesteak: with peppers, onions, cheese sauce. Found at Cheesesteak Portable in section 132.

Pork Belly Sammie: with kimchi, house-made pickled vegetables, cilantro, and mirin-lime aioli. Found in the Pioneer Square and International District at sections 105 and 323.

Smokehouse Wings: sweet-tea brined and Applewood-smoked chicken with a hot honey glaze. Found at Club Smokehouse in sections 214 and 230.

Kaffeeklatsch Pretzel: comes with sweet hot mustard or Queso Bravo. Found at the Local Eats stand in section 106.

Fiesta Bowl: with Mexican rice, black beans, pulled chicken tinga, pica de gallo, cilnatro slaw and chipotle crema. Found at the La Cantina stand at section 339.

Nowwwww we need the Seahawks to step up their game and we'll be set. Hey, at least we'll have great food!

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