Kara's Cool Yet Terrifying Experience at the New Space Needle

The all new Space Needle opens up tomorrow, with the world's first and ONLY glass floor that rotates! Visiting the Space Needle now includes a full view of Seattle, from the skyline and Puget Sound, to 605 feet right above Seattle Center.

The Space Needle now has two separate and totally cool observation decks. The first one is called "The Loupe" which features that rotating glass floor, then a staircase up to the second (and original) observatory deck with all new glass windows and glass benches right up against the halo of of the needle!

So why wouldn't we send Kara from our Digital Department, who is sort of afraid of heights, to cover the opening event? Hahaha.

She survived, and even managed to add to her audio file! Check out the all new Space Needle, which is open to the public starting August 3rd!

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