Watch Garrett from The Bachelorette's First Wedding Video

Even though this season of The Bachelorette hasn't been a crowd favorite, this weeks episode had some interesting aspects and drama that will keep me watching another week. 

The first one on one date went to Garrett, where they explored Park City and went bobsledding, frolicked in the snow, etc. In the evening/dinner portion of the date, the two got to talking, and Becca asked the typical "past relationship" questions. Garrett revealed that he was married for a short time in in the past. The relationship ultimately didn't work out, and he had said he got married to the wrong person. 

Of course it didn't take the internet very long to find the video from his first wedding on YouTube, LOL. 

Whether you watch the show or not, everyone can appreciate a cute wedding video! Watch film from Garrett's first wedding below:

The date turned around and he had revealed his deep feelings for her, and the two ended their date with a pop up concert in town (good one, Bach producers). Garrett even revealed that their one on one date was the best day of his life, and that his feelings for Becca it makes him "feel so uncontrollably good inside." 

Do you think his past divorce is a red flag? Or are their other guys on the show that have far worse issues?

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