Facebook Has Been Storing Your Text Messages: Turn This Setting Off Now!

Hidden on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, there is a setting that continuously pulls information from your cell phone data, including calls and texts. Scary, right?

Here is how you can turn it off on both the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps:


  1. Click the symbol with three lines on top of each other in the bottom left on the app.
  2. Click "Setttings"
  3.  Click "Account Settings"
  4. Click "General"
  5. Click "Upload Contacts"
  6. Turn off "Upload Contacts"


  1. Go to the Facebook Messenger App
  2. Under the tab titled "People," find your contact list
  3. Turn off "Continuous Upload"
  4. Turn off "Sync Contacts"

Read more on the issue and see how Facebook has addressed it below!

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