The Happiest Christmas Song According to Science

British songwriters Harriet Green and Steve Anderson teamed up with Dr. Joe Bennett, a musicologist from Berklee College of Music in Boston, on a scientific project to create the happiest Christmas song ever. [Source]

The song focuses on 8 major holiday themes and incorporates ALL of them into the lyrics.

  • Home (family, gifts under the tree)
  • Love (finding that special someone at Christmas)
  • Lost love (feeling lonely at Christmas)
  • Parties (dancing, mistletoe)
  • Santa (and his reindeer)
  • Snow (snowmen, sleighs, cold winters)
  • Religion (Nativity story)
  • Peace on Earth

Dr. Bennett also analyzed 78 classics and looked at particular aspects of the songs, such as lyric themes, tempo, musical key and sleigh bell usage.

All of that information went into creating, "Love's Not Just For Christmas"

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